You will want to incorporate some Star Wars themed games into the party.  There are hundreds of fun games to do.  Below are a couple of fun Jedi exercises and tests that the kids can do to earn Jedi Knight status.  Be sure to hand out Jedi certificates afterwards.

Star Wars Party Ideas - Games - Lightsaber Training

Lightsaber Training

Blow up some balloons and have the kids bounce the balloon in the air from a starting point to an end point without letting the balloon touch the ground or using their hands.  Additionally, you can break the kids into pairs and have them engage in a tennis-like challenge where they hit the balloon back and forth without letting the balloon hit the ground.  You can also combine one of kid’s other favorite things…bubbles.  Blow bubbles in the air and challenge them to pop a certain number of them with the lightsaber.


Physical Training

To test and strengthen their balance and physical agility, create an obstacle course that has them running through hoops, under nets,and jumping over things.  If you are having the party at a local park you can just make an obstacle course through the playground.  Or, if you are able to have the party at a Gymnastics facility like we did, they should have kid safe equipment to use for this activity like floor trampolines and a foam pit (ask about this when booking the facility).


Destroy the Death Star

Make or buy a beach ball shaped piñata.  Decorate it like the Death Star and paint it silver and black.

How to make one: Instructions

Where to buy one: Etsy

If you prefer a Darth Vador pinata, you can buy one here.


Empire “Strikes” Back Mini Bowling

Purchase a mini plastic bowling set on Amazon for $8, and decorate the pins to look like Darth Vader and a bunch of stormtroopers.  Download these graphics (PDF) and print as a full-page photo with no borders. Print on card stock if possible.  Cut them out and tape them to the front of the pins.  For the Stormtroopers use black sharpie to draw the suit markings onto the plastic bowling pin.  Make shape stencil using card stock if needed.  If you mess up try using a Magic Eraser to rub out mistakes.  Tape around the neck with black electrical tape.  For the Darth Vader pin wrap it completely with black electrical tape.  The tape has a black vinyl look to it just like Vader’s suit.  Add details with a silver paint pen and a few pieces of blue and red paper on the chest of his suit (or use paint pen).

Printable Graphic: Helmets

Source: Craft Interrupted

Star Wars Party Idea - Pin the Helmet on Darth Vader

Pin the Helmet on Darth Vader

Just like the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey…..except the kids have to pin the helmet on Darth Vader.  Use the printable links below to view the graphics.  Then right-click on them to save.  Print the helmets as full-page photo with no borders (use card stock if possible).  Adjust your printer options to enlarge Vader’s body to a grid of 4 sheets instead of a single sheet then print all of them and piece together as a poster.  Use spray adhesive to put the whole thing onto poster board.  Then make a border with blue painter’s tape.

Printables Graphics:
Darth Vader Helmets
Darth Vader Body

Source: Craft Interrupted

Star Wars Party Idea - R2D2 Craft Design

R2-D2 Craft Kits

Have the kids make their own R2-D2.  Print out the Star Wars R2-D2 template which is available below.  Cut out the R2-D2 template along the outside line.  Then use the template to trace onto white poster board and cut out one for each guest.  You can fit eight R2-D2’s onto one poster board sheet.  For each guest create a craft kit using a sandwich-sized ziplock bag to store all of the following shapes:

Blue Painters Tape: Cut blue painters tape into the blue shapes and put onto wax paper.

Gray Paper: Cut gray paper shapes for the R2-D2 robot.

Black Paper: Use a circle punch to punch out 1 black circle per kit.

At the party, hand each guest a craft kit.  They can use glue dots, double-sided tape, or loops of scotch tape to put shapes onto R2-D2.

Printable Graphic: R2-D2 Template

Source: Tip Junkie

Star Wars Party Idea - Free Han Solo Game

Other Games and Activities

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