No Star Wars party is complete without some form of lightsabers. Fortunately, this is pretty easy to do but can take a couple of hours depending on how many you need to make. These are great to incorporate into games and also can be party favors. If you do nothing else, make these. They will be THE hit of the whole party.


Pool Noodle Lightsabers

Pool Noodles (1 noodle will make 2 lightsabers)
Duct tape (silver)
Black electricians tape

Cut pool noodles in half with a serrated knife (measure first!!). Use silver, not grey, duct tape to make a handle. Use electrical tape to embellish. Two things to note.
1) Cover the bottom of the handle first because it doesn’t turn out very neatly and then you can cover that bit up when you start wrapping the handle.
2) Use electrical tape for the black because duct tape is really hard to cut into the small pieces you need.

Click here for detailed instructions.

Cost: All of these items can be purchased from your local Dollar Store for…$1 (each). We were able to make 24 lightsabers for $17.